Words like “Free Music” and “Helping People” – Who Can Resist!

When the email from

Soul Session’s Eloise King popped into my inbox a few days ago I was enthusiastic to open it.  Having been a follower of Eloise’s work at Soul Sessions for some time now, I know I will always have a treat in store when I open her emails.

The magic words popped up on my screen beckoning me seductively away from my work – she’s a great writer by the way.

Download cool music for free & feed 10 hungry Aussies in just one click. Whoa!

I was immediately intrigued – “free music”, and “helping hungry people” and on the other side of the world moreover….. Well what can I say….. I wasn’t going to go back to my work…

As I read further, more wonderful words such as “awesome”, “generous” and “connectedness” popped into my brain and fizzled through my nervous system; my soul smiled in recognition of the Oneness.

Warmth and Love and OH

Warmth and Love spread through me as I read on.

Eloise went on to explain that Sydney based songwriter APPLEONIA has created a new album called OH. It features musical contributions by many other amazing artists including Ian Ball (Gomez), Nic Johns (The Motels), El May and Nadav Kahn.

You can download the album here absolutely free.


When you download the album for FREE, Vittoria Coffee will make a donation to OzHarvest, the organisation that rescues excess food and delivers it to vulnerable Australians.
For every album downloaded, the equivalent of 3 meals will be donated to people in need, with the ultimate goal of reaching 44,000 meals.

Connectedness – Our Human Family

This is the beauty of the internet. We can be in different time zones; we can have oceans between us; we can be 11,000 miles apart – yet still we can be as One Human family. Helping and supporting each other; reciprocally offering generosity and validation.

An abundance of care and kindness can be achieved by simply spreading the word – as a relationship of collaboration is created instantaneously.

Being here in the UK and not having travelled to Australia for a number of years I wondered about the two organisations involved; Vittoria Coffee and OzHarvest.

Vittoria Coffee is the largest pure coffee company in Australia. They are big on community involvement and work to help many organisations globally.

OzHarvest is a charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded and thus wasted. This excess food is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Thanks to OzHarvest, not only do vulnerable people get a good meal but the excess food becomes a resource saving thousands of kilograms of food from being dumped as landfill each year. The charity began 10 years ago with just 1 van. Today they have 21 vans and deliver an incredible 480,000 meals per month!

Thank you

So there I was sitting in front of my computer in the United Kingdom and with a click of a button I was able to help my human family on the other side of our beautiful planet Earth.  With just 1 click I was empowered to help them get a meal, save landfill, help Appleonia to make more music AND get a free album for myself!

How cool is that! Thank You !

So if you fancy being part of this wonderful process of reciprocity I recommend you make your 1 click here:


It’s a great album – I’m enjoying it right now in this moment!

So whatever time it is for you “in this moment” and wherever you are based on our beautiful planet Earth – I send you Love and Bliss from my heart to yours in the spirit of our connectedness.

Have you had experiences of sharing, Love and reciprocity across the internet? Have you donated to charity, helped by posting information or in any other way? Have you received help? Or just read a great story online?

By Marléne Rose Shaw

I’d Love to hear your stories. Just pop a comment in the box below………….

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